Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Krage & Janvey, LLP

Texas Business and Commercial Law Firm

The law firm of Krage & Janvey, LLP, was founded in 1971 in Dallas, Texas.  Our attorneys have represented clients throughout Texas and the United States.  Contact our business and commercial law firm if you need experienced legal representation on any of the following legal matters:

Corporate Securities – We office well-grounded legal advise on corporate governance and regulatory issues, including hedge funds, public disclosure agreements, commodity trading, and SEC enforcement matters.

Commercial Litigation – The Texas business lawyers at Krage & Janvey, LLP, have extensive experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants at the state and federal levels in cases involving contact disputes, breach of fiduciary duties, trade secrets, and other business matters.

Tax Law – We are qualified to advise clients on how best to handle taxes every step of the way, from business formations to IRS audits and business dissolutions.

Estate Planning – Our lawyers can help you get the peace of mind that comes from making decisions about wills, trusts, asset protection, and health care directives while you are still healthy.  Over the course of time, we will inform you of any changes in the law and help you make updates or changes as you see fit.

Probate – Hiring an attorney who understands the complexities of the Texas probate laws is essential when distributing the descendant’s property and assets.  We understand the laws governing a community property state, and can help streamline the legal process while avoiding any lengthy and costly delays.

Intellectual Property – We have experience in helping individual entrepreneurs and corporations with trademark and copyright law.  Our lawyers have helped clients legally protect manuscripts, software, logos, and other creative materials.

Corporate Law – Our corporate lawyers have extensive experience in the planning, formation, governance, and restructuring of all entity types, primarily Texas entities.  Our firm believes that our role is truly as a counselor and will help you every step of the way.  Although we are capable of assisting large national corporations, our practice has historically focused on smaller and mid-sized entities.

Real Estate Law – Our real estate section can assist with purchase, sales, and fiduciary as well as other operational matters.  We have experience in all stages of real estate transactions, from construction and development to leasing, management, and operation.  Our knowledge of acquisitions and depositions is informed by our tax and securities sections as needed.  We have represented individuals and entities in the real estate industry as well as clients engaging in non-routing real estate transactions.

Working along side our tax attorneys, the Krage & Janvey, L.L.P. corporate section can advise your business in every stage of growth.  Our managing partner, Ralph S. Janvey, is often called upon to serve as an expert in Texas corporate law matters, including fiduciary duties, shareholder oppression, and other matters.


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